Yoga Is 4 Me 2

Our Motto, “Yoga Lifts All Minds” is supported by the proven science that a regular yoga practice improves the body, mind and spirit.  Research has shown that yoga gives individuals a clear understanding of the connection between the mind, body and spirit, manifesting in a healthier, calmer, stress-free life.  If you have a body, yoga is for you.  If you breath, yoga is for you.  If you think, yoga is for you.

Our Yoga Is For Me movement encourages families to get and stay fit together.  Our focus is to invite families in our deserving communities to a place they have never been invited, the yoga room.

Yoga Is For ME

Yoga Makes You Look Younger

Yoga Reduces Anxiety, Stress and Blood Pressure

Yoga Helps Grow Your Hair

Yoga Makes You Strong

Yoga Clears Your Skin

Yoga Helps Make You Look Good From The Inside Out