Sisters of WELLness

Sisters of WELLness (SOW)

“The harvest is always greater than the seed.”

Sisters of WELLness (SOW) was born out of a desire to bring the “Givers of Life”, women, together to encourage them to take the lead in changing the health picture of their homes, one meal at a time.  We are asking women to take their families for a 30-minute walk, just three times a week and to take inventory of what goes on the plates of their families at mealtime.   Start a plan to move away from the Standard American Diet (SAD).  SAD is filled with processed food, chemicals and toxins.  These chemicals and toxins lead to cancer, high blood pressure, obesity, premature aging and many other diseases.

Sponsor and or adopt a SOW Group from our area public housing communities.
SOW groups are forming in public housing communities across Gainesville and the north central Florida region.  We encourage you to come walk with us.  Meet us every week for free prizes, fun stretching our bodies and opening our minds through yoga.  Email or call for more details on how to get involved.

Join us as we create a space for health and healing through sharing what really matters, our time with each other.  Through partnerships with community groups and agencies,  SOW works with women and children to address the disproportionate number of minority families suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, mental illness and obesity.  Our goal is to change health disparities through education, lifestyle change and physical activity with an emphasis on walking and yoga.

Start a Sisters of WELLness (SOW) group in your family, on your street, in your community, in your church, in your civic group, in your book club or with co-workers.

Our healthcare is in our hands.  Let’s walk toward a healthier tomorrow, today.

Get to know women and children in our deserving communities.  Let’s encourage each other to save our families, one step and one plate at a time.

Please join Sisters of WELLness as we lock arms with our sisters and families in public housing and our deserving communities to promote healthier homes and communities across our region.