Our Yoga Is 4Me2 Project brings Free Yoga Classes to children and families in our deserving communities. In partnership with the Boys and Girls Club, YouthBuild, local public housing agencies and the Education Foundation of Alachua County. Students participating in our yoga classes are showing positive results both inside and outside the classroom from improved grades and better self-esteem to a reduction in bullying and healthier eating habits..

Our Motto Yoga Lifts All Minds

Supported by the proven science that a regular Yoga practice improves the body, mind and spirit.  Research has shown that Yoga gives individuals a clear understanding of the connection between the mind, body and spirit, manifesting in a healthier, calmer, stress free life.

  • If you have a body, Yoga is for You.
  • If you breathe, Yoga is for You.
  • If you think, Yoga is for You.
  • Yoga Makes You Look Younger

  • Yoga Reduces Anxiety, Stress and Blood Pressure

  • Yoga Grows Your Hair

  • Yoga Makes You Strong

  • Yoga Clears Your Skin

  • Yoga Makes You Look Good From The Inside Out