YOU can brings Free Yoga Classes to children and families in our deserving communities.

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Your support will go a long way towards ensuring the success of our endeavors!

Being poor is stressful, I know from first hand experience, because when I graduated from high school in 1979 my family and I were still living in a house with no indoor plumbing. Stressful, painful and embarrassing, but that was my physical birth world, not my spiritual world.

As you are reading this, right now, there are children in our communities living in a cocoon of fear and stress, impacting their physical and mental health. According to a recent study, poor children experience high levels of stress because amongst other reasons, they live in violent neighborhoods, walk across many busy vehicular intersections, move residences twice as often and get evicted five times as often as the average American, and are more likely to be bullied in school. While these children are in this physical place, this cocoon, we can help them start a transformation from the inside so they can emerge into a world of hope and possibilities.